Menina at a Parelli demonstration August 2007 in St-Honoré-de-Chicoutimi, QC

horse I have to thank Michele for helping my young filly find her rhythm and strength again last summer, after only one session.  I was attending an intense advanced horsemanship clinic and this was not the horse I had originally planned to ride in this clinic.  However, my more advanced saddle horse was injured, so I had no choice but to take Menina, 4, knowing full well that this clinic would be very demanding on such a young and sensitive horse.  After a few days of intensive riding, she got tired and sore, and her attitude soured.  We got very disconnected.  Even though I tried to help her through the challenges, she found it difficult and began to refuse going forward.  I saw Michele work on a friend’s horse late one evening and the results were very impressive, so I asked if she could find time to fit me in.  She did, early the next day.  It was soon obvious that she was having a profound effect on my filly.  After a few minutes, Menina became completely focused on Michele’s energy and work, started stretching every muscle and gave several huge sighs of relief.  She had several painful areas on her body and a lot of energy blockage, and as the session progressed, her eye got softer, her body loosened up and her mind went soft as well.  I rode her immediately after and she was a different horse – soft, willing, cooperative, relaxed and going forward with ease, getting both her canter leads without any difficulty.  Our connection had returned!  I only wish Michele lived closer to me, I would have her come and treat my horses on a regular basis!

- Geneviève Benoit, Licensed Parelli Professional, Quebec, Canada

Horse Lit in MassachusettsLit at his new barn

Lit - for years he's been in a stall 23 hours a day, and a horrible cribber. I've only seen him crib once at this barn, this is a great example of the freedom he must have felt at his new barn…….here is his story.

I'm sure you'll be as excited as I am. I asked his original owner (who I had leased him from) if I could either take him for an off-property lease or buy him from her, and she basically just gave him to me. That was the end of October. In November I took him out of that barn, and while unsure about moving him somewhere else for what I expected was only going to be a short period of time, I just had to get us both out of there- things were going downhill fast. It ended up being a good transition barn for him, I think- he had a paddock attached to his stall that he was rather excited about, and when I was able to turn him out, he had a playful 4 y/o next to him that he had fun with. The barn I wanted to be at got an opening, and Feb 1st he went to what will be (barring unforeseen circumstances) his last home. He settled in remarkably quickly, and seems to have no problem with the routine of being out all day. Last Friday, he got to go into the big pasture with 2 of the horses. He sniffed noses with them, then just picked up this lovely show-off-ish trot for a few laps of the pasture to check everything out before deciding he was okay to pick up more speed, at which point he flew off down the end with his tail over his back, throwing happy little bucks and lead changes every few strides. The other two horses just stood and watched him, probably trying to figure out what the heck was up with the new guy. Eventually he got them to join in the fun, and now he's loving the fact that he has horses to play with again after solo turnout for the past 3 years, as well as a ton of space to run in. The 19 year old fits right in with the 6 year olds and 14 y/o. Go figure! It took a lot of work to put this all together, but seeing him out with the horses and playing makes it all worth it. We thank you for giving me the encouragement to make it happen. Its so nice to not have to worry about him. The new barn owners are great, Lit loves them and they love him, and its nice to have them understand and agree with the way my horse is handled and cared for.

If his story helps even one person see that it IS possible to make a change, then that would make my day. Sometimes we get stuck in spots where we just think we won't be able to change anything, and this is the best we can do. It takes someone or something to make us realize it doesn't need to be this way and give us the encouragement, and man does it pay off in the end.  If I can make it happen, someone else definitely can.  I didn’t even have a job when you told me I could make it work :)

bruschiBruschi is a service dog and was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in his back after being picked up and shaken by a larger dog.  The day after his first Reiki session he went on a Walk-A-Thon fundraiser and for the first time was able to walk the whole distance without needing to stop and rest.   He now receives monthly sessions and he just falls into Michele’s lap and goes to sleep.  Some sessions are related to physical issues and some are emotional, but at the end of each session he looks and feels revived and ready to get back to his job!
- Priscilla, Portsmouth NH

“Going into the session I had a heavy heart regarding a deeply personal issue in my life. The reiki session with Michele helped me to find peace around a decision I had to make”
– Debbie, Holistic Business Owner in Manchester NH

“I have found her to have an incredibly nurturing healing presence and touch and I felt much more at peace afterwards”
– Sharon, School Counselor in Wells ME

Dog BellaWhen the love of our lives, our 10 year old Golden Retriever Bella, was suddenly very sick requiring surgery for a bowel obstruction, GI obstruction and diagnosed with Thyroid cancer (also required surgery) we were desperate to find natural therapies to compliment what the veterinarians had already done.  We are so thankful to have found Nikoe therapies and Michele as the supplements and Reiki have been huge compliments to Bella's care.  After surgery, Bella was tuckered out and making a slow recovery however once we added Reiki and some needed herbals to Bella's regimen we noticed our 'puppy' had her energy and spirit back.  From there her recovery continued to move forward and each day she was more and more herself.  We are 9 months post surgery and thanks to Michele's compassionate care and knowledge of supplements we are well on the road to recovery.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts Michele.  Bow wow too!

- The Genard Family, Exeter NH

“Imagine someone being able to take all your daily stresses away. This is what Michele was able to do for me in one reiki session”
– Ann, Horse Riding Instructor in Dover NH

Pepper had just joined us and had pain in her leg and was recovering from being in a puppy mill.  Because of Michele, Pepper has come out of her shell, is a confident girl and is healing from her injuries.
Angus tangled with a larger dog and had bites in his neck, chest and back.  Following veterinary care, with Michele's healing touch, he is completely healed and back to his old self.  Thank you Michele for your expertise.

- Stephanie, Portsmouth NH

Dog HannahHi, I am Hannah, I received Reiki from Michele Lowry because, my Mom said, I had an anger issue.  You see, when I went to be fixed (???? What's that about?) I became a "striker".  I was also hold a LOT of sadness according the Michele.  It took about 3 visits and a lot of fighting, "I know what is best for me!"  before I could trust Michele.  She was patient with me and didn't even flinch when I tried to sink my teeth into her.  After about 5 sessions I was a different dog.  My Mom could even put my harness on and off without my "showing her who is boss" by growling.  I am sooo glad I met Michele and I really need to have a maintenance session.  Right Michele?

Thanks Ellie May 1Thanks Ellie May 2

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