Reiki Healing Evening

A profound and inspirational balancing of Mind, Body and Soul

On-going Experiences in Manchester, NH

At Full Spectrum Wellness, Manchester NH
Friday September 23 and October 28
$10 per person ~ All ages welcome

Hosting a Reiki Healing Evening
Yoga Studios, Healing Centers, Chiropractors, Friends and Family,
we welcome you to host your own evening.  Please contact us for more information.

Join Michele Lowry, Reiki master/teacher, for this experience. Each month we will offer the opportunity to enter the world of energy healing through Reiki. Its time to honor yourself and your needs. Each person receives a healing from 2 (minimum) Reiki practitioners and/or Masters. Whether you are looking to ease stress and anxiety, release aches and pains, resolve home or business issues. Maybe you would like to find out more about this incredible healing energy that is becoming more popular each and every day as a gentle approach to all-around healing? Let your curiosity guide you.

Registration required.
Welcoming Practitioners/Masters to offer Reiki.
All are welcome to receive. We are accessible to everyone.

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