Reiki Classes

Reiki Natural TherapyAs a Reiki Master/Teacher it is important to me that those I teach have an understanding of not only this incredible healing system, but what it means to offer healing to themselves and others.   I studied for a total of 3 years which gave me time to embrace my own journey as well as to have a pure, loving intent for the healing of others.   Your own growth and ability to channel Reiki energy through you to the Receiver is about self discovery and empowerment.   The Reiki classes that I offer are created to not only provide the utmost in experience and understanding of this modality, but also to always continue to expand your self and to really embrace all that Reiki is.  It is important to me that people are well prepared to offer Reiki to others through self protection and self healing which also encompasses all of my classes.

As Reiki is not based on any religion or culture, it is a fabulous opportunity to combine your own beliefs with all that Reiki awakens you to.   My own life has led me to share this healing system with others and to provide what is needed to become practitioners and teachers.  This is the key to the experience.

Upcoming Classes

Reiki Level I - Eliot ME - Wednesday August 3-24 - 6-8:30pm
Reiki Level I – Eliot ME – September 8 – 29 – 6-8:30pm
Reiki Level II - Full Spectrum Wellness (Manchester NH) - Wednesday September 7 - October 12 (Registration at www.fullspectrumwellness.com)
Animal Reiki One Day Workshop - Eliot ME - Saturday September 17 - 10am-4pm
Reiki Level II - Eliot ME - Tuesday October 4-November 8 - 6-8:30pm

Understanding Pet Loss - Eliot ME - Saturday October 15 - 10am-1pm - (Registration http://marshwood.maineadulted.org/)

reika handReiki Level I – 4 weekly classes

Your own journey of self healing, self discovery and self empowerment through learning about the chakras (energy centers), meditation techniques, energy protection, reconnecting with your inner wisdom and guidance, hands-on self healing technique and to enliven the participants to all that is spiritually available to them.  Attunements complete the class along with a certificate of completion.





Reiki Symbol 2Reiki Level II – 6 weekly classes

A continuation of your Reiki journey, this level encompasses your expansion into distant healing, more developed meditation techniques, and many hours of offering hands-on group healings to volunteers.  An incredible way to learn to interpret the information you receive and feel through your hands, your emotions or your body.   Its so empowering to watch as students begin to connect to the information they are receiving and learn how to pass that information to the Receiver of the healing session.  Your intuition will provide you with images, words or feelings that you are then able to share.   Attunements complete the class along with a certificate of completion.



Reiki Symbol 3Reiki Master/Teacher-38 weekly classes

When you think you may have reached an incredible ability to facilitate healings of others, this class enables you to open and expand even more.   This class was created through the willingness of students to teach them this level.  The curriculum was guided and uses the philosophies of Alberto Viloldo, John Holland, Louise Hay and others.   It encompasses reaching into your own history and past life healings as well as field trips to work on the elderly and animals (both offer incredible energetic experiences).  Learning to teach Reiki Level I, through the techniques listed above, but allowing for your own personal gift to be included in these teachings to others.