Other Workshops

nutritionSimple Tools for Healthy Choices

The human body is electromagnetic, hence the ability of the medical community to measure EKG heart rhythm, brain waves, etc.  Each of our cells is a mini battery and that life itself depends on those cells maintaining their electrical charge.   Items like cell phones, computers, driving over 35mph and dehydrations can affect our charge.  Learn how to keep your charge powered to its fullest potential through some simple techniques.  

Tap into your own body’s innate ability to know what is good for it in relation to nutrition, environments, people, situations and decisions.   Learn muscle testing techniques to make choices for yourself.  Listening to your body’s response to a situation and acting on your gut reaction.  This is a fun and interactive class that has been so enlightening for those who have attended.   Bring this class to your home, office or association and share this experience with your friends and family.



echo trottingSeeing is Believing” – Bring this amazing workshop to your barn and with the use of a couple of horses this interactive seminar will demonstrate how to rebalance your horse using Acupressure and Reiki.   Our horses are such great barometers for when we are in tune with them and they have proven time and again that energy work is a favorite!  Watch as each horse relaxes, releases stress and tension and becomes more in tune with the session.

When incorporated into the daily care of your horse, these rebalancing techniques can bring about physical, behavioral and emotional changes.  This energy work also creates a deeper knowledge, understanding and relationship with your horse.

Handouts and some hands-on experience will be available during the seminar.   Private one hour sessions are also available for your horse following the seminar.   Great for pony club (the kids love it) and equine clubs and associations. This seminar can be offered as a fundraiser too!

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