Corporate Reiki

Corporate Reiki I just had the most amazing session with Michele.  I wanted you thank you for having her in so we could experience Reiki.  Will she be coming back for regular sessions?

I had always wanted to try Reiki and was very excited when you were able to offer it.

It was great, I was very surprised at how I felt during and after the session.  I swear even my kids noticed how relaxed I was, because we went out to dinner last night and they were so well behaved, granted they were probably tired from school/daycare, but I like to think they were getting my relaxed vibe.

And you will be happy to know that I came in and was at the gym at 7:00 this morning…Steph gave me enough inspiration that I need to start coming in early to find the time.  I won’t be able to make it every day but a few days a week is better than nothing.

- Mandi

Corporate Reiki 2Mandi’s experience seems to be a common reaction to a 15 minute Reiki session and employees return regularly for continued sessions. Corporate Reiki is offered as a way to relieve employees stress and to clear the constant chatter in their minds. This chatter can block the ability to listen to your inner guidance; your gut reaction to situations. How many times have you made a decision that just didn’t feel right? Or your gut made one decision and your mind chose a different option? Its so empowering to be clear enough to listen to your inner guidance. Reiki brings balance and facilitates healthier decision making.

Reiki Hands A Reiki session provides a gentle release and time to just be present.  This gives the mind, body and soul an opportunity to let go of stress, tension and anxiety which allows many physical issues to also be released.

The intention for this service is convenience, so Reiki is brought to the workplace.  Each session is 15 minutes in duration and has proven to be extremely beneficial.    For more information on this service and how to receive discounts on longer, private sessions, please visit www.fullspectrumwellness.com and go to the Workplace Wellness page.