Back to Basics Workshop

Canine Series

dogYour dog is always welcome when attending these interactive workshops 

This series includes:

Introduction to Alternative Therapies - What are the holistic options available for your dog’s health

Meditation – Breathing and Relaxation with your ‘Best Friend’, they just love it!

Canine Reiki – Offering Reiki to provide ease from aches and pains, or emotional trauma

Essential Oils – Enjoy the scent of these amazing oils as you learn about their healing properties

These workshops can be offered as a fundraiser for humane societies, dog clubs, rescue associations and canine events.

Understanding Pet Loss Experiencing the loss of your pet leaves an emotional space in your heart. This workshop was created to honor their lives and to offer you an opportunity to feel their energetic presence after the loss. This powerful experience will bring a sense of peace as you establish a new and loving connection.

Offering a chance to reconnect to your pet through:

  • Meditation & Smudging Ceremony
  • Expression of your feelings through writing
  • Using Sage to seal your writings
  • Sharing a story
  • Finding closure through poetry
  • Healing in a safe and supportive environment

A message from Kim, Dover NH

Alex's sudden death left everyone in my family very heavy hearted, especially my dog Oliver, who had previously had Reiki sessions with Michele. We explored different ways to console Oliver as well as ourselves, and it was suggested we have a "closure" to this. Because of my experience with Michele I knew I needed her help. We had an ‘Honoring Your Pet’ ceremony at our home, so our other dogs could share the experience. I also had a picture of Alex and his ashes there too.

It was the best decision I made to handle this situation. We all felt better afterwards, including Oli who got a lot off his chest! The mood was lighter and our hearts weren't as heavy, not to say we don't still love and miss Alex. I would HIGHLY recommend the experience. If you love your dogs as much as I do, don't miss out!


Canine Workshop

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