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Vibrant, full of energy, great coat color and shine, good disposition, healthy are just some of the ways your dog or horse exhibits balanced health.  And because you know your companion so well, you also recognize when they are not feeling on top of the world! So many health issues can be attributed to our animal’s diet.  Due to excessive use of chemicals, preservatives, and sub-standard ingredients or by-products from the human food industry, our dogs and horses become nutritionally out of balance.  The body in its infinite wisdom to stay functional will then focus on providing energy to the more important organs to survive.  This impacts other parts of the body which are robbed of vital nutrition.  Heavy metals from vaccines, water and our environment can cause behavioral and physical issues too.

Thankfully much can be done to bring your beloved companion back into balance, through cleansing, diet change and other remedies such as herbs, essential oils and flower essences.  Each dog or horse is assessed as an individual, focusing on his/her personal needs and not a generic ‘fix’ for a specific symptom.  Environment, stress levels and history are all considered when looking to rebalance your animal.

These evaluations provide a holistic guide which allows the owner to make educated and informed decisions about their animal’s health and environment. Following the positive results experienced by the animals and seen by the owners, plus the ongoing support provided by Nikoe Natural Therapies, owners have expressed how enlightened and inspired they feel. 

The information provided here is for educational purposes only and is no way intended to diagnose or prescribe.  It is also not to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease.  Every animal is different thus what may work for one may not work for another.  If needed consult with a veterinarian.